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Sales & Marketing Team

This is where it all starts. Sales asks all the right questions to ensure we are delivering all the good stuff back to our clients. Marketing takes that information and begins drafting visual concepts and floor plans to fit the vision. Before you sign on the dotted line, these are the people that get you excited about bringing your vision to life. Let’s meet the team.

Debby Jenkins Felker
Debby Jacobs Felker
Debby Jacobs Felker Vice President of Sales
Autumn Andrews
Autumn Andrews Director of Sales
Kelly Valadon
Kelly Valladon Director of Strategic Accounts
Angela Pagonis
Angela Pagonis National Sales Manager
Taylor Elliot
Taylor Elliott National Sales Manager
Kara Stewart
Kara Stewart Sales Manager
Capri Ruocco
Capri Ruocco Sales Manager
Clara Luizzo
Ciara Luizzo Sales Marketing Manager
Katie Znerold
Katie Znerold Account Manager
Melanie Campbell
Melanie Campbell Sr. Sales Coordinator
Lisa Rath
Lisa Rath Sales Coordinator
Jenn Daquila
Jennifer Daquila Sr. Marketing Coordinator
Alyssa Williams
Alyssa Williams Marketing Coordinator
Alissa Watson
Alissa Watson Sales Coordinator
Haley Kaminsky
Haley Kaminsky Sales Coordinator
Briahna Jones
Briahna Jones Sales Coordinator
Jessica Newport
Jessica Newport Sales Marketing Coordinator
Lizzy Carrillo
Lizzy Carrillo Sales Coordinator
Marissa Lee
Marisa Lee Sales Manager