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Meet Our Team

Stylized graffiti on a brick wall.

Creative By Design
Bringing ideas to life is the primary objective of our team. Whether it’s CAD, 3d renderings, or hand-drawn sketches, our creative studio works to turn imagination into realization. And they are the best at what they do.

Creative Team
An installation of cards with handwritten messages.

Extravagant By Design
When our team takes on an event, they live it. Our team specializes in building immersive and exciting sensory experiences. From first-class sound systems to state-of-the-art lighting and design, we coordinate and manage every aspect of our client’s productions.

Entertainment Team
Two pillows that read

Leaders By Design
We are led by a team of seasoned industry-shifting minds. Providing unparalleled experience to their projects and for our clients, our executive team are the architects of our success. Our future is in very good hands with this amazing team of innovators.

Executive Team
Large floral arrangement in a vase

Flourish By Design
Beauty blooms from our creative and colorful Floral team. They prepare gorgeous custom installations, elegant tablescapes, and immaculate concepts that help elevate every project that they work on.

Floral Team
A large selection of candies arranged on a table.

Detailed By Design
You would think that this department would be a bore. But here, that’s not the case. This team handles their responsibilities with a passion and pizzazz that sparks vitality within all of our teams.

Accounting, HR & Building Team
A fabricated sculpture of a hot air ballon composed of butterflies.

Diligent By Design
Managing the operations of this grand company is a tough task. And, with all of the moving parts within the moving parts, the logistics that our operations team are responsible for are just as important as the magnificent spectacles we create.

Operations Team
A white statue of a dog.

Connections By Design
Fulfilling the dreams of our clients starts with this team. Their ability to identify and communicate the goals of our projects and find opportunities for success are the cornerstone of the great experiences we design.

Sales & Marketing Team
A set containing a backdrop printed with an astronaut in space sis behind a molded rock set, with a camera and director's chair.

Fabricating By Design
Full-service production. Customized signage. Carpentry. Graphic design. Digital imagery. If it can be thought of, imagined, or dreamed, our innovative studio team can create it.

Graphics & Studio Teams
Giant neon flower sculptures.

Preparation By Design
Our warehouse is an astonishing array of art. And the people that run this world of customized creations are just as astonishing. With a vast inventory of thematic décor, they manage and produce all of the ideas given to them with brilliant precision.

Crew & Warehouse Teams