Event Production

To us, each event is an opportunity to create an extraordinary experience. Finding new ways to amaze, inform, and entertain is why we come to work. Through our event production services, we engross our guests in a world that bring these events to life. The amazing talents of our teams merge with our diverse resources to create a division of DBD that is unrivaled in its abilities.

Neon airplane suspended from the ceiling

Our teams have decades of experience in fabrication and a strong desire for design and we put that desire to the test every day.

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Production Studio
Dancers performing for guests

At DBD, entertainment is more than just a service. It’s a passion. Our approach to entertainment is a lot like the ideas we create and the building we reside in, big.

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Red and purple flowers in a gold vase

Creating new ways to add beauty to every event we produce is a primary goal of our floral production service. With the myriad of events and productions that we create, there is always a chance to include an elegant floral installation, a lovely tablescape, or regal linens.

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Outdoor food station with street art decor

Immersive experiences begin with immersive executions. And our incredible team of graphic artists use their abilities to transform venues into vignettes.

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Artist's sketch of chandeliers

Events with DBD have a different level of creativity; it drives our work and enhances our productions. Big ideas and big creations thrive at our events with components that catch the eye and animate the experience.

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Grey couch and chairs with a glass top coffee table

Walking through our warehouse is like walking through a movie set. When you look up, around, and behind you, all you see are creations, installations, and innovations.

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Event Design Warehouse
Oversized butterflies hang from the ceiling in an installation

We don’t just imagine and ideate here at DBD. We build, cut, weld, adhere, and construct. We have created an environment for assembly that we use to manufacture amazing monuments for our projects.

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Flowers suspended over the table at an outdoor baby shower

We specialize in making any event, big or small, special. Birthdays, work anniversaries, reunions. If there are people gathering for an event, we want to be the team that elevates the imaginations at that event.

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Pink and silver wedding altar

There is no event that deserves the DBD approach more than a wedding. We bring an element of experience and passion to our productions that will add more love and happiness to your day.

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