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What if you had to create a feeling of falling leaves, without leaves. To create the colors of nature, without the help of nature. We were tasked with creating a gorgeous, indoor tree for our client so we found inspiration in the simplest of concepts: recreate the scope and beauty of a wisteria tree. Our creative started with a sketch of cascading ribbons and an intricate trunk design that supported a vibrant environment that felt alive for all that experienced it.


Artist's rendering of the fabricated tree
Rendering of installation


Approximate linear feet of purple ribbon


oz of silver leaf for the hand carved tree trunk


68,000 feet of linear feet of purple ribbon. 384 ounces of silver leaf. A hand-carved body that mimicked reality in every way. Each detail of this marvelous creation was produced and procured with immaculate execution and our clients were amazed at the final product. We can confidently and proudly say that art imitated life quite well for this project.