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Typically, when a client asks you, “what if it could look like a dream?”, you find the most client-friendly response and immediately change the subject. But here, that question became an inspiration. So, we started thinking about what that would look like. What it would feel like. We started our idea generation process, and sure enough, we discovered a vision for our Dream and started our plan for creating that vision.

Surreal man with his head in the clouds

Team Leads

Colin McRae
Colin Mcrae
Colin McRae
Colin Mcrae Director of Art & Design

I was a Montana state high school basketball champion.

Chris Coaly
Chris Coaley
Chris Coaly
Chris Coaley Vice President of Event Entertainment

My car was packed to go to Georgia for grad school, then I decided to go west to Vegas.

Kelly Valadon
Kelly Valladon
Kelly Valadon
Kelly Valladon Director of Strategic Accounts

I really enjoy numbers and puzzles.

Floor Plan

Dreams Floorplan


Artist's sketch of main stage and bar area
Drafting sketch of hanging swings
3D rendering of Dream event seating group
3D rendering of swings




ft of Balloon Material


Entertainment Elements