Gone are the days when DBD (Destinations by Design) was known simply as just another DMC (Destination Management Company) or special events company.  Through evolution, experience, and a fierce business model that is eager to take the 32 year old event production and dmc company to new heights, Destinations by Design is testing its skills in the world of commercial and casino design as it seeks to expand into new markets.

DBD recently partnered with Full House Resorts, Inc. to create a temporary casino located just outside of Chicago, in Waukegan, IL. The Temporary Casino by American Place began development in February of 2022 when Full House Resorts, Inc. approached DBD to work with them on this exciting project.

This first of its kind casino designed by DBD consists of a 70,000 sq. ft tent structure casino with an impressive 1,000 slot machines, 50 gaming tables, 3 seated dining areas, and full casino gaming and entertainment capabilities. The fact that DBD has long since been more than just a DMC or event production and design firm opened the door to it’s creative and executive leadership team being able to conceptualize and design a project of this undertaking.

From renderings to a drone fly-thru, Destinations by Design owned the creative process of bringing this project to life.  The Temporary Casino includes intricate designs such as hundreds of feet of massive metal tree branches that act as a ceiling treatment above hanging vines, upside-down canoes, paddles, and basket lighting to complete an immersive feel to the summer lakeside casino theme.

Utilizing our additional capabilities in 3D printing, DBD also contributed an impressive component of two 90 foot dragon sculptures that line the entrance of Asia-Azteca, one of the two interior restaurants we designed for the temporary casino in Chicago.  These designs and the rest of the restaurant were inspired by the cuisine in the theme of Asian and Latin fusion. The walls are lined with custom printed graphics and murals to compliment the functional counters, tables, and benches, which DBD also created.

L’Americain was the other restaurant at The Temporary Casino designed by DBD. Maintaining the theme of American beauty and a lake-side setting, DBD was able to create an open concept dining space. Much like the overall design of the casino, the restaurant design and décor were all created to ensure a cohesive and unique aesthetic.

The Temporary Casino opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony and grand opening night celebration on February 17th, 2023. In true DBD experiential event fashion, Destinations by Design planned and produced the overall festivities, including a VIP lounge, live entertainment, and immersive activations. With the success of The Temporary at American Place underfoot, DBD plans to continue it’s foray into more casino, commercial, and retail design.